Purpose: Training large number of Gynaecologists who are willing to learn the necessary skills for performing Laparoscopic Surgery.
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Dr Halder is Passionate about imparting his rich and wide experience on all various procedures of Laparoscopic Surgery and encouraging fellow Gynaecologists to take up Laparoscopic Surgery.
The training Program has been designed keeping in about the availability of time and also level of existing knowledge and skill of the gynaecologis about Laparoscopic Surgery.  
Schedule:                                                                            Course fees
Short Training for a period of 15 days-                           Rs 15000.00
Middle level Training for a period of 30 Days-              Rs 30000.00
Long Term Training For a period of 6 Months-              Rs 60000.00
1. Dr ( Prof ) Baidya Nath Chatraborty
2. Dr ( Prof) Bipad Bhanjan Sarkar
3. Dr( Prof )  Gita  Ganguly
4. Dr Anima Biswas
5. Dr Arup Majhi
6. Dr Basudev Mukferjee
1. Dr Subhash Chandra Halder
2. Dr Basudev Mukherjee
3. Dr Anjan Dutta
4. Dr R.N.Mukherjee
5. Dr Indrajit Sen
6. Dr Shilpi Halder
7. Dr Basab Mukherjee
Chief Collaborator of this Training program is Dr ( Prof) B.N Chakraborty who is the Director of the  Institute Of Reproductive Medicine , Salt Lake  and in conjunction and with active participation of the Institute the training program gets  enriched.  
Dr Subhash Chandra Halder himself is an highly acclaimed and skilled Laparoscopic Surgeon and has performed Live Surgery for the demonstration of the finer techniques of Laparoscopic Surgery not only in West Bengal but also various other States of India. He has demonstrated Live Surgery in various forums and venues such as:-
1. In BOGS Annual conference performed Laparoscopic Radical Hysterectomy for uterine Canal.
2. In IAGE Annual Performed Live Surgery.
3. In Eastern Railway Gynaecological Conference At B.R.Singh Hospital for 2 Consecutive years as a guest Surgeon he performed on Laparoscopic Gynae oncosurgery
a) TLH
b) Laparoscopic Recanalisation Surgery.
4. At Burdwan Medical College  YUVA FOJSI   2016 – Reconstructive Surgery
5. Performed Live Surgery at AIIMS New-Delhi in 22nd IFFS International Conference on Reconstructive Surgery.
6. In an workshop Organized At the Sambhunath Pandit Hospital Dr Halder demonstrated Various Lap Surgical procedures.
7. Dr Halder Invented a newer Technique of the correction of Cervical vaginal Atresia with the help of Lap Surgery under the guidance of Eminent Teacher Dr( Prof) B.N Chakraborty. This technique was performed on nearly 15 Patients and was published in  Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 2015.
8. Dr Halder has conducted Video Shows in various conferences at different Venues.
Dr Halder has special aptitude in the following areas:
1. Reconstructive Surgery of Uterus ( Congenital Malformation Of Uterus )
2. Laparoscopic  Repair of VVF
3. Laparoscopic Myomectomy of Large Size
4. Hysteroscopic Myomectomy
5. Laparoscopic Tuboplasty
6. Laparoscopic Reproductive Surgery ( Uterus & Ovary )